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Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic Coatings For Cars

Ceramic Coatings  are designed and used to protect the clear coat and base colour from ultra violet rays and acid rain, preventing them from degradation and colour fading. The ceramic coating  protects and enhances the appearance of your cars paint. Unlike a car wax or paint sealant the ceramic coating is a more advanced paint protection system, and represents the pinnacle of car care technology at the present time.   


The ceramic coating treatment is not a sealant or a wax, but a coating which uses Nano technology to form a new layer that is adhesive to the paint and can only be removed through machine polishing. When cured, this unique and highly advanced formula will transform itself into a rigid glass shield. Formulated with highest standards, a Ceramic Coating will protect your cars paintwork with ultra-firm glass filming and will enhance the gloss levels, even on new cars paintwork.  The Ceramic Coating protection wont deteriorated by weathering nor ultraviolet rays, together with ultra-smooth surface resulting super water-repellent and a unrivalled depth of gloss. No more polishing and waxing, the ceramic coating will provide paint protection for the next 12 months, 3 or 7 years depending on Ceramic Coating selected below.

12 Month Ceramic Coating

We use Gyeon Q2 Can Coat EVO which is an incredibly easy to use spray coating. Now in its EVO

form to provide you with a more durable yet easy to apply SiO2 based coating.

Q² Can Coat EVO offers more durable performance, improved visual enhancement and hydrophobic properties - all thanks to the updated EVO formula. It remains as easy to apply as it used to, now featuring even easier wipe off.

All EVO formulas can be applied outdoors. Ensure stable conditions, never use in direct sunlight and check the weather forecast! The coating should not get wet in the first 12 hours after application.

  • Gives a deep shine & looks great

  • Long lasting protection up to 12 months/12km

  • Easy and fast application

  • Extremely hydrophobic self cleaning protection


3 Year Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating provides protection measured in years, not weeks or months. We offer a three year Ceramic Coating. Our Ceramic Coating blankets your vehicle in a glossy shell of ceramic protection. Ceramic Coating is not a wax or synthetic paint sealant, but rather a clear resin that chemically bonds to clear coat, creating a tough-as-nails shell of protection that can withstand repeated exposure to environmental contaminants without wearing off.

 Our three year Ceramic Coating protects against wash-induced swirl marks, oxidation, bug stains, road salt, water spots, and bird droppings. This actually decreases the cost of maintaining your vehicle because less maintenance is required to keep the exterior looking clean and shiny. Ceramic Coating forms an extremely glossy shell of protection that is on average 50 times thicker than a conventional car wax or synthetic paint sealant. This enables Ceramic Coating to withstand repeated car washes without wearing thin. It forms an added layer of protection like an additional clear coat and the ceramic can even help against and prevent scratches and rock chips because of this.

Vehicles that have been coated with the unmatched protection of our Three Ceramic Coating will repel dirt, oil, dust, and road grime to provide incredible ease of maintenance. You’ll be amazed at just how clean your vehicle stays in between washes.

7 Year Ceramic Coating

Protect your car's paint from the elements with our 7 year ceramic coating. This durable coating will repel water, dirt, and debris, keeping your car looking like new for years to come.

Benefits of Ceramic Coating

  • Water repellency: Ceramic coating creates a water-repellent barrier on your car's paint, making it easier to clean and preventing water spots from forming.

  • Dirt and debris repellency: Ceramic coating also repels dirt and debris, making it harder for them to stick to your car's paint. This can help reduce the need for washing and waxing, saving you time and money.

  • UV protection: Ceramic coating protects your car's paint from the sun's harmful UV rays, which can cause fading, cracking, and peeling.

  • Scratch resistance: Ceramic coating is scratch-resistant, which can help protect your car's paint from minor scratches and scuffs.

  • Long-lasting: Ceramic coating can last for up to 7 years, providing long-lasting protection for your car's paint.


FAQ's about
Ceramic Coatings

  • How does ceramic coating work? Ceramic coating is a thin, clear film that is applied to your car's paint. The coating creates a barrier that repels water, dirt, and debris. This helps to protect your car's paint from the elements and makes it easier to clean.

  • What are the benefits of ceramic coating? Ceramic coating offers a number of benefits, including:

    • Increased water repellency

    • Reduced dirt and debris adhesion

    • UV protection

    • Scratch resistance

    • Long-lasting protection

  • How much does ceramic coating cost? The cost of ceramic coating varies depending on the type of coating, the size of your car, and the location of the coating shop. However, ceramic coating is typically a one-time investment that can save you money in the long run by reducing the need for washing and waxing. Please contact us for a free quote 

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